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My Config File

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1 My Config File on Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:53 pm


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Summary of Cfg'n settings:
Current Conditions:
-Zone: wiz066
-System Name: MILWAU
-Pleasant Name: Cudahy
-Location Lat: 43.019
-Location Long: -87.94
Regional Observations 1:
-Zone: wiz003
-System Name: EAGLE
-Pleasant Name: Eagle River
Regional Observations 2:
-Zone: ilz056
-System Name: CHAMPA
-Pleasant Name: Champaign
Regional Observations 3:
-Zone: wiz066
-System Name: MILWAU
-Pleasant Name: Milwaukee
Regional Observations 4:
-Zone: wiz022
-System Name: OSHKOS
-Pleasant Name: Oshkosh
Regional Observations 5:
-Zone: wiz072
-System Name: KENOSH
-Pleasant Name: Kenosha
Regional Observations 6:
-Zone: wiz028
-System Name: EAU CL
-Pleasant Name: Eau Claire
Regional Observations 7:
-Zone: wiz052
-System Name: SHEBOY
-Pleasant Name: Sheboygan
Regional Observations 8:
-Zone: wiz041
-System Name: LA CRO
-Pleasant Name: La Crosse
Extended Forecast:
-Zone: wiz066
-System Name: MILWAU
-Pleasant Name: Milwauke, WI
Core Package Theme:
-Theme: neighborhood
Boating Forecast:
-Zone: wiz066
-System Name: MILWAU
-Pleasant Name: Milwaukee Shores
Coastal Waters Forecast:
-Zone: lmz645
-Billboard Message: Milwaukee Shores CWF
-Maps Region: northeast
Tide Harmonic Data:
-Tide 1 Location: Babylon, Great South Bay, New York
-Tide 1 Display: Babylon, NY
-Tide 2 Location: Castleton, Hudson River, New York
-Tide 2 Display: Castleton, NY
LAS Bulletin Message:
-Message: Milwaukee Forecast
Package Selection:
-Packages(by internal call numbers): 1 20 30 40 50
Traffic Zip Code:
-Zip: 53110

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