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Easily Deinterlace Sony 60i M2TS to WMV for Premiere CS3

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This summer holiday, our college arranged an activity for us which is to record a short movie of our summer life. The equipment I was given was SONY HDR-AS30V Camcorder which can shoot in AVCHD at a frame rate of 60i. And I shot the basketball match in SONY HDR-AS30V 60i WMV files.

I often process the postproduction in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. But when I was to put Full HD 60i M2TS to it, I became astonished because I find M2TS is not compatible to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 which is very wired. I don’t understand why my college will give me an AVCHD camcorder whose outputting files can not be edited in their software. I tired many converters and they all fail to handle the conversion of Sony HDR-AS30V 60i M2TS to WMV. When I played back a converted WMV, footage filmed with a tripod appears good quality but if the camera moves during the shooting, the images flicked in a bad quality which is really annoying.

After asking for help to my teacher, I was recommended an AVCHD converter – Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac which did me a great favor in putting 60i M2TS Full HD to Adobe Premiere CS3.

Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac is a really practical video converter which most satisfies the people who work closely to the different kinds of videos because multiple video formats are allowed to be input to it! As we all know, the loss of quality about videos during the conversion is unavoidable. But to my great surprise, the output video from Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac keeps its high quality! Best of all, after the conversion through it, you can conveniently watch DVD movie or film on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV etc.

Also Aunsoft iMedia converter for Mac enables you upload converted movies to online video websites. What I appreciate most is that Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac brings AVCHD and MXF Videos to Player and Editor! As is well known, AVCHD and MXF are the most popular formats from common professional camcorders. This means you get Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, and you will get the best postproduction of camcorder videos!Now let me show you how to edit 60i M2TS Full HD in Premiere CS3.

Step1: Import or drag SONY HDR-SR12 60i MTS file.

Step 2: Select “WMV” to be the output format.
Click the format and choose Adobe Premiere > WMV (*.wmv). If you need other formats for outputting, you just need to follow the instruction to choose those formats such as MPEG-2 and MOV you need.

Easily Deinterlace Sony 60i M2TS to WMV for Premiere CS3 Ob_32ec7f_mts-converter-premiere-60i-mpeg2

Step 3 Enter the “Edit > Effect” to check the “Deinterlace”.
Checking “Deinterlace” is to ensure the high quality of “60i” video and avoid the appearance of flickers in it.

Easily Deinterlace Sony 60i M2TS to WMV for Premiere CS3 Ob_07d574_mts-converter-premiere-60i-deterlace

Step 4: Set video and audio profile.
Click “settings” to set Video frame rate and deinterlace Sony 60i M2TS to WMV for Premiere CS3 to maintain its original high quality.

Step 5: Deinterlace Sony 60i M2TS to WMV for Premiere CS3.
Click “Conversion” icon to convert 60i M2TS to WMV. With just a click on “Open output folder”, you can locate the export WMV files easily.

Besides, this efficient program supports batch conversion. You can go sleep when Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac processes batch conversion via a click on “shut down computer after conversion.

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