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Import AVCHD clips from a Memory Card to FCP X

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From memory card and Hard Drive, how could we import AVCHD MTS files to Final Cut Pro X?

Part 1. Some tips to make it smoother to get those .MTS files off of a memory card or hard drive – and without the need to connect the camera to your Mac.

Just for Premiere Pro CS5 or CS5.5's liberal file support, you know that it's easy to simply import an AVCHD .MTS file from any location by simply using the "Import…" dialog – or even just dropping the file into the Project window.

When working with AVCHD footage in FCP X, the key to importing .MTS files is to use the "Import from camera…" dialog and NOT the "Import…" dialog. This is true when using either a memory card or importing the footage from your hard drive.


Whenever I import media into a non-linear editor, I have already put it onto a hard drive (usually an external drive). When working with AVCHD footage and FCP X, it is important to copy the entire file structure to your hard drive. You don't want to just grab the .MTS files and put them in another folder for later work in FCP X.

Now, you can navigate to the folder containing your footage and choose the top level file folder. You can choose other folders down to the folder named "AVCHD" (going down to the "STREAM" folder won't work). If you want to only import some of the files, you can select your clips in and even selected portions of the clips and choose "Import Selected."

Unfortunately, troubles you will meet here: It is not so easily to import multiple sub-clips from a single clip. If you select a range (i.e., mark in/out points) within one clip, any attempt to select another range from that same clip (or any other clip, for that matter) will deselect the first range.


Part 2. Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, which is a nice assistant can make up the shortage. (To get more coupons, you can view here.)

See also: Top 5 MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac Reviewed

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