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Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder Coupon Code

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Don't depend on some cafe's Wi-Fi to keep up with your favorite music. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder gives, in one package, what you need to record, and conserve your favorite music, radio broadcasts and whatever else streaming online. This means you enjoy your preferred songs, broadcasts, etc. in their original quality, anyplace and on all popular gadgets totally free.

That guide will tell you how to use Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder step by step. Follow the steps and you'll find it's quite simple.

Click here

Part 1: How to install Streaming Audio Recorder

After you've downloaded the software, you need to double click it to set up instantly:

1). Accept the license agreement.

2). Select the drive folder where you would like to install the software.

3). Click the install button.

Part 2: How to record streaming audio

It's surprisingly easy to record any kind of streaming audio played on your computer. Just click on the "Record" button and there will be audio spectrum graph on the top right showing there is music playing.

Just before Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder can record sound you need to:

1). Be connected to the internet

2). Have a browser open

3). Access an audio/video stream

Once you possess found the stream you like, click the record icon with no leaving the page and then use the remote control widget for the next steps. The remote control widget often hides on the right side of your screen. When you click the "record" button, Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is on standby and will instantly begin recording as soon as you press play in the browser.

While recording, don't care about leaving the stream page. This will not affect your recordingin any way. Free to open and surf on other tabs or windows, or even open a new browser.

As soon as you have completed recording, discover your Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder remote control widget hiding in the right side of your own screen. You'll find that the Record button has be a Stop button. Click it and a message will show up on the bottom right of your current screen, confirming a successful recording. To view and test your newly recorded track, open Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder's main tray.

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